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Accutane Policies and Procedures

What do I need to do EACH MONTH in order to pick up my prescription? Follow these A – B – Cs!

Please be aware: During the Covid-19 crisis, iPledge has temporarily updated their guidelines. We are doing our best to follow the rules they change, as well as provide you the highest quality, safest medical care. For the time being, blood draws may be less frequent, and iPledge is accepting home pregnancy tests. Your provider will discuss the most current standards and guidelines during your visit.

Step A:

Get your MONTHLY blood work done within the 3 days prior to your office visit. If your labs are not done at the Newton Wellesley Hospital or another Partners laboratory, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the labs results are faxed to our office: 781-369-9737. Female patients: A blood pregnancy test is done with your labs. Please be aware, you have a seven day window from the date of your pregnancy test to pick up your prescription. If you do not pick up your prescription within this window, you will need to come back into our office for a new urine pregnancy test.


Come to your MONTHLY office visit. During Covid-19, this visit will be via telehealth.


Get confirmed online in iPledge. This will happen once the first two steps (A & B) are complete. Male patients: We will confirm you in iPledge after your blood work is done and you have come into the office for your monthly visit. Female patients: We will confirm you in iPledge after your blood work is done and you have come into the office for your monthly visit. After we have confirmed you in iPledge, you can login to iPledge and take your quiz.

Once steps A, B, and C are complete you may pick up your prescription at the pharmacy.

Please be aware that these steps are all required by the FDA run iPledge program. We realize the iPledge program can feel overwhelming and complex; we’re here to help you! The steps are in place for your safety. Not all physicians can prescribe accutane, as it is a highly regulated medication. All licensed accutane prescribers (dermatology MDs/NPs), must follow these rules in order to maintain their status as accutane prescribers.

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