Acne Topicals Information For Patients

Helpful hints for avoiding common side effects, and getting the most from your medications:

  • Benzoyl peroxide containing medications may stain/ bleach clothing, sheets, towels, and hair.
  • When applying topical medications to the face, use the “4-dot” method: take a small pea-sized amount (total) of the cream/gel on your finger tip and place dots of the medication in each of these 4 locations of your face: mid-forehead, each cheek, and chin. With fingertips smooth/spread the dots of medication into a thin layer over you whole face. You do not need more than one small peasized amount of cream/gel for the whole face.
  • Avoid eye area when applying topical acne medications to the face. The delicate skin around the eyes can be easily irritated by acne medications.
  • Topical medications may lead to dryness where you use them. This almost always improves as your skin gets used to the medication (about 2-3 weeks). To help improve dryness as you skin adjusts to the medication:
    • Wait 15-20 minutes after washing before applying the topical medication.
    • Cut back use of medication to every 2-3 days, for 2-3 weeks. Then gradually work up to everyday use.
    • Moisturize as needed. You can apply an oil free moisturizer over the medication OR if you are very dry, you can mix moisturizer with the medication 50:50 before applying.
    • If you are too dry, take a few days off and start fewer times per week using the advice above.
  • Prescription topical acne medications are typically not meant to be used as a “spot treatment”. Unless advised otherwise by your provider, apply topical medications to the whole face. Acne medication do a better job of preventing future acne than clearing existing acne.

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