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Advanced Healing

Advanced Healing bandages are a hydrocolloid gel bandage which can be purchased at CVS. Similar hydrocolloid gel bandages can be found on Amazon. Various sizes are available, depending on wound size. For facial wounds, buy the small size. 

How to Use Advanced Healing Bandages: 

  1. Clean the area with alcohol prior to putting on the Advanced Healing bandage. Doing so will rid the area of potential bacteria, and will help the bandage to stick better.
  2. Using clean scissors, trim the bandage down to size. Ensure that the entire wound is covered by the bandage. It is OK to stretch the bandage a bit, and to use multiple pieces to cover the site. 
  3. Place the bandage over the wound. You may shower with the bandage on. 

How long can I keep an Advanced Healing bandage on?

WEEK 1  If you went home from surgery with an Advanced Healing bandage on, remove the  white pressure dressing in 48 hours and leave the skin-colored Advanced Healing bandage in place until your 1-week follow-up appointment.

WEEK 2  We will place a new bandage at follow-up, which you may leave on 3 days max

WEEK 3-6 Provided you have no side effects, bandage may remain on 7 days. 

WEEK 6+  Continue using Advanced Healing bandages until scar is healed. 


Do I need to apply ointment underneath?

No. Advanced Healing bandages stick best to clean, dry skin, and can be used instead of ointment. 

TWO RISKS are associated with Advanced Healing Bandages:



If you experience any of the symptoms above, contact our office during normal business hours at: (781)-591-4234. IN CASE OF POST-OP EMERGENCY 6PM-6AM: call (617) 855-5318. PLEASE LEAVE FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, AND DATE OF SURGERY. THIS LINE MAY ONLY BE USED IN FIRST 48 HOURS POST-OP. After that, please call our office at (781)-591-4234 during normal business hours.

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