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Skin Adhesives

Liquid skin adhesive forms a strong bond along wound edges, allowing normal healing to occur underneath. Follow these instructions to ensure the quickest and most effective healing process.

Skin Adhesive Post-Surgery Instructions

  1. Leave initial pressure bandage on and dry for 48 hours.
  2. After 48 hours, shower with the initial dressing on to loosen the adhesive, then carefully remove the white pressure bandage. Leave the purple-tinted glue intact.
  3. Keep the wound covered with a dry non-adhesive pad and tape. No need to apply any ointment to the glued wound. Be careful not to apply any adhesive tape to the glue, as to ensure that the glue stays intact.
  4. Continue changing the non-adhesive bandage daily for 1 week. The glue will stay adhered to the skin for up to 4 weeks, at which point it will fall off on its own. 


Follow Up Care for Skin Adhesive

In 1 week, return to clinic for wound check. If instructed to do so, send photos of the healing wound via Patient Gateway for Dr. Mosher’s examination. 




If you experience any of the symptoms above, contact our office during normal business hours at: (781)-591-4234. IN CASE OF POST-OP EMERGENCY 6PM-6AM: call (617) 855-5318. PLEASE LEAVE FULL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, AND DATE OF SURGERY. THIS LINE MAY ONLY BE USED IN FIRST 48 HOURS POST-OP. After that, please call our office at (781)-591-4234 during normal business hours. 

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