Dermaplaning at DermWellesley

Dermaplaning is an in-office procedure that uses a specialized blade to gently scrape off dull, dry, dead skin cells as well as the vellus hairs (aka peach fuzz) that are on the surface of the face. This manual exfoliation is performed by a licensed aesthetician and takes about 20 minutes. It can be done as a stand alone procedure or can be added to a facial, peel, Aerolase laser treatment, or Diamond Glow. While you rest comfortably, our aesthetician will make precise, feather like strokes along the surface of the face without any pain or injury to the skin. This roughly 20-30 minute procedure will make your complexion smoother, brighter and will give you a glowing canvas for all of your skin care products and makeup. After the physical exfoliation, a very gentle 2% lactic acid peel is then applied to polish the skin even further and make it GLOW. Recommended for all age groups. No downtime– in fact, we recommend this in preparation for a big event. Your skin will be radiant!

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