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Botox and Dysport are frequently used to correct both active wrinkles (lines that show when you move your facial muscles) and passive wrinkles (more etched in lines that are present even at rest). These lines are formed as we age both as a result of repeated muscle movement and because of external factors like sun and smoking.

Neuromodulators, like Botox and Dysport, work beneath the surface to reduce these muscle movements and the result is a refreshed and younger looking face. 

What Are The Benefits of Receiving Botox and Dysport Injections?

As we grow older and are continuously exposed to pollution and the sun, lines and wrinkles can appear in several areas around the face. Other factors and behaviors, like smoking and genetics can increase their intensity. To combat this, Botox and Dysport injections work under the surface of the skin to minimize, or even completely erase, years of developing wrinkles and fine lines.

Common Treatment Areas for Botox and Dysport Injections

Botox and Dysport are safe to use on multiple areas of the face, including sensitive areas like around the corners of the eyes. Common areas treated include:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines)
  • Crow’s feet (lines around the eyes)
  • Chin pebbling
  • Bunny lines (sides of nose)
  • Large horizontal neck muscles (platysmal bands)
  • Lines around the lips

At DermWellesley, your neuromodulator treatment can be customized to your exact preferences and help you achieve a natural, refreshed look no matter what your age or gender. Results can be seen in as early as three days and last on average three to four months.

Botox Common Questions:

It takes three to seven days to see your full results following the injection process. Although fine lines may soften earlier, deeper furrows may take longer to improve. It is important to note that very deep, etched in lines will soften but may not completely resolve with use of Botox or Dysport. Results should last about three to four months although some patients feel that their treatment lasts longer and some shorter.

As you continue to get treatments, many patients feel that the duration of effect increases.

The most common side effect is temporary bruising at the injection site, especially if you have recently taken a blood thinner (aspirin, ibuprofen, alcohol). Some patients experience brief tenderness or headaches that should resolve within a few hours. 

Mild, temporary eyelid or eyebrow drooping can last two to three weeks or longer and may occur in about one percent of patients. Extremely rare side effects include temporary double vision, reduced blinking resulting in corneal injury, allergy, and development of antibodies which may decrease the duration of results for future neurotoxin treatments. 

When used in very high doses for serious medical conditions in ill patients such as limb contractures in cerebral palsy, there have been case reports of muscle weakness and death, for which there is a black box warning.

Neuromodulators like Botox and Dysport are ideally suited for patients who desire smoother, more youthful skin without having to undergo a highly invasive surgical procedure. Good candidates for the treatment have prominent wrinkles between the eyebrows and forehead, crow’s feet, the lines around the lips, and other early signs of aging.

You may not be treated with neuromodulators if:

  • You are pregnant or nursing.
  • You are allergic to benzyl alcohol or botulinum toxin.
  • You have neuromuscular disease (such as Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Parkinson’s or others).
  • You are taking aminoglycoside medications (Streptomycin, Neomycin, Gentamycin).

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