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If you have a noticeable bulge of fat under your chin, also known as a double chin, Kybella in Wellesley, MA, can provide you with the solution you have been looking for. Our expertly trained team of medical professionals at DermWellesley have been thoroughly trained to administer Kybella and can provide you with excellent care and results.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment designed to treat stubborn submental fat (double chin) in both men and women. This bulge of fat often forms in that location as we age. 

Kybella is composed of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This substance is found naturally in the body, where it serves to break up dietary fats. When it comes in contact with fat cells, it breaks down the cell membranes, leading to cell death and gradual natural removal by the body.

What Is the Treatment Process Like?

After an initial assessment is performed by one of our doctors, the treatment areas are carefully marked. Local anesthesia is then administered to the area in order to fully numb the region to any pain. Kybella is then simply and precisely placed under the chin through a series of small injections. The target submental fat is destroyed and permanently eliminated.

What to Expect During Your Kybella Treatment

Through this simple procedure, the jawline becomes more defined and sculpted, giving patients a more chiseled and youthful appearance. Improvement is typically noted after 2 rounds of injections, although individual results vary from patient to patient. Most patients need between 1-5 treatments depending on the size of the double chin.

After Your Kybella Treatment

Kybella does not require a great deal of recovery time or downtime, and patients can typically return to work and their daily activities around 24 hours after the treatment session. Swelling and bruising will be present in the injection areas but will gradually subside.

The results of a Kybella treatment will appear gradually as the destroyed fat cells are filtered out of the body. Patients usually start to notice results after two to four treatment sessions. 

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