Discover miraDry for Permanent Underarm Sweat and Odor Reduction

Everybody sweats. But, do you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your armpit sweat or odor? If you answered yes, miraDry might be right for you.

This FDA-cleared treatment is specifically designed to reduce sweat and odor in the underarm area. Whether you sweat excessively, regardless of the temperature (aka hyperhidrosis), or if you just to avoid wearing antiperspirant/deodorant, miraDry can help. The average sweat reduction is 82%, and the average odor reduction is 89% after just one treatment.

At DermWellesley,, our goal is to provide our patients with high-quality treatments that deliver excellent results. We are thrilled to be able to offer our patients this truly life changing treatment. 

What is MiraDry?

This is a non-surgical procedure performed in our office with minimal pain and downtime. The miraDry system uses a handheld device that emits thermal energy to selectively target the sweat and odor glands.

Once you arrive at our office, you will feel right at home. Our highly trained miraDry nurse will bring you back to your room and make you comfortable as we start your procedure.

After cleansing your armpits, a temporary tattoo will be placed on the treatment area to ensure the energy is delivered precisely and accurately to selectively target sweat glands while keeping the surrounding tissues safe.

Lidocaine, a local anesthetic is injected under the skin to numb the area prior to treatment. Once the lidocaine is injected, the procedure is quite comfortable with little to no pain. The miraDry device will then be used to treat the area, which takes about 60 minutes.

Once these glands are destroyed, they can no longer produce sweat. The results are IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT.

The start to finish time for you is about 90 minutes including the numbing. 

What to Expect

Immediately after the procedure, and for the next 2-4 days, patients can expect localized swelling in the underarm area. You will leave our office with miraDry ice packs under your arms. We encourage patients to ice the underarm area regularly for the first 48 hours to help reduce swelling (15 minutes of icing, then take a 1 hour break). The majority of the swelling will improve after one week but some mild swelling can last longer. There may be some temporary bruising, sensitivity, and bumpiness and banding under the skin.

Real Miradry Patient Testimonials

...more importantly, I've stopped worrying about the embarrassment of having sweat stains on my clothes.

Sweat was not only consuming my life but was also controlling my mind when I was in almost every social situation. Notably, the events and parties that didn’t have me wearing a full suit where I could hide my problem. I would start feeling the sweats beads dripping down the middle of my back, which was always the precursor to my armpit sweat. That was my cue to go into the bathroom and grab a few paper towels to soak down my armpits. This cycle got old fast.

Then, I had a life changing experience when I went to MiraDry! The visit was quick, easy, and the staff was terrific. I thought it was going to be painful and miserable. It wasn’t. It was quick, easy, and almost relaxing.

I also want to thank the fantastic team for the great job they did. Now, my “sweat problem” has been solved. More importantly, I’ve stopped worrying about the embarrassment of having sweat stains on my clothes. And by the way, they’ve also stopped smelling too. I will 100% advise anyone who asks about how great this procedure is. I may even suggest it to a few people who I know could benefit from it.

Thanks, MiraDry.

DermWellesley Patient

Schedule a Consultation for Your miraDry Treatment

Please contact DermWellesley to schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure and to discuss any questions you may have about the procedure. Most patients are candidates for an over the phone consultation with our miraDry nurse.

Please note that if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a pacemaker or defibrillator implanted, or if you have had lymph nodes removed from your underarm area you are not a candidate for the procedure.

Pricing available upon request. 

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