Skincare Services

We are excited to announce the addition of our Master Esthetician, Julie Flavin. Julie has over 17 years of experience providing the highest quality aesthetic treatments to her patients. She prioritizes patient comfort and safety while also ensuring maximal results. Julie offers medical grade peels, relaxing and revitalizing facials, acne facials, steam facials with extractions, and dermaplaning. She is also extremely proficient in skincare and skincare products and can help you develop a custom skincare regimen that is tailored to your specific needs.

At DermWellesley, we realize that there are literally hundreds of skin care lines and skin care products all are marketing themselves as “the best new thing”. This can be incredibly overwhelming and difficult to navigate for your individual needs.

Dr. Wise has taken the time to evaluate hundreds of products by reviewing their research and data to help you be able to optimize your skin care routine and choose only the most efficacious products for your personal needs.

Ask about a customized skin care regimen at your visit or step into our retail space to shop our products.


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