What is Vivace RF Microneedling? 

Vivace RF is the latest form of radio-frequency microneedling. This minimally invasive treatment is a great alternative for those who do not want to have injections (or can be done in addition to injectables for even better results). Vivace stimulates the natural production of collagen! It is FDA approved and helps to alleviate facial wrinkles and lines while toning the face, neck, and other areas. It can also be used for scarring!

What is The Difference Between Vivace and Other Microneedling Devices?

Vivace Microneedling is designed for maximum comfort and utilizes a precise robotic motor that virtually eliminates discomfort and downtime. Unlike other microneedling pens or rollers, the Vivace features 36 gold tip needles that offer 31 precise micro adjustments down to increments of a tenth of a millimeter. Not only is it more precise than any other microneedling devices, it also eliminates pain and shearing of the skin (and therefore minimizes downtime). 

Will Vivace Work for Me?

One of the many advantages of the Vivace system is that it can be customized to treat a wide range of skin types and tones. Not only can the precise length of the needle be adjusted down to extremely small increments, the frequency of the motor ranges from 100 to 800 milliseconds, which controls the length of time that the needle is engaged with the tissue. The device also pulses with red or blue light that further stimulates collagen production.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Vivace?

Vivace produces microchannels in the skin that allow it to fully absorb healing serums and other treatments. These channels typically stay open from four to six hours, so we ask that you avoid make-up as well strenuous activity, swimming, and steam rooms/saunas during this time.  After this time frame you’re good to go!  

Does Vivace Microneedling Hurt?

The actual treatment session takes less than an hour and most patients report little to no pain. We use topical numbing creams applied in the office to ensure your comfort. Patients enjoy little to no down time.

How Often Should I Get Vivace Microneedling?

Physicians and specialists commonly recommend a series of three treatments, each four to six weeks apart for the best possible results. However, some patients opt for individual treatment sessions. Talk with your provider to find the best treatment plan for your skin.

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