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Please reference Google Maps to find your way to 20 William Street (our building is located within The Wellesley Office Park.)

Once you turn into Wellesley Office Park, 20 William Street will be the first building on your left. It is easiest to enter through the back of the building (see below).

Building Entrance


Once you take a left into 20 Wellesley Office Park, follow the signs for “handicap access” (another immediate left). Follow along the side of the building and you will then see a handicap ground level entrance. Park near here and enter through these ground level doors and DermWellesley (Suite G15) will be the first door on your right.


If you take a left into 20 Wellesley Office Park and choose to enter through the front of the building, you will enter the building through a revolving door. Please go down the stairs to the Ground floor (or take the elevator) and look for signs to DermWellesley (Suite G15) off to your left.



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20 William Street, Suite G15
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