Eczema Treatment for Body


Cleanse skin with gentle, non-medicated cleanser/soap and warm water (try to avoid very hot showers/long baths). Rinse well. Pat skin dry.

Recommendations: Dove sensitive skin soap, Cetaphil Body Wash, Vanicream Cleansing Bar


Apply prescribed topical steroids – use twice a day, apply only a thin layer of cream/ointment/solution to red, itchy or flaky areas. Do your best to avoid normal skin. You should stop using topical steroid once areas of rash have resolved, or if you have been using the topical medications for two weeks (unless otherwise instructed by your provider).


Moisturizer – no fragrance, no menthol. Use twice a day ON TOP OF prescription medication, if using.  


  • Aquaphor, Vaseline or Petrolatum jelly
  • Cetaphil Restoraderm or Cerave Moisturizing Cream
  • Vanicream
  • Avene Xeracalm AD

Anti-Itch Options:

Sarna lotion/CeraVe Itch relief moisturizing lotion Mupirocin may be prescribed for infected/crusted areas


Sunscreen – Apply to all exposed areas of skin. Repeat every 2 hours when outdoors.

Other Tips:

  • If your skin always burns using creams, try putting it in the refrigerator
  • For itching, you can try an antihistamine (Allegra, Zyrtec, etc.) at night before bed

PREGNANCY PRECAUTIONS: If you are pregnant, please alert your provider as some medications should be avoided.

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