What to Expect After Your Mohs Micrographic Surgery

The local anesthesia used during surgery will wear off after a few hours. Once it does, you may have mild to moderate discomfort. Tylenol is usually enough to relieve any discomfort; please take as directed by your surgeon and call the office if Tylenol is not sufficient.

Swelling/bruising are common after surgery and peaks 1-2 days after surgery. Ice can help keep the swelling down and is most helpful for the first 48 hours after surgery. Apply an ice pack for 10-15 minutes every hour while awake. Apply the ice pack directly over the pressure dressing, do not remove it until the instructed time.

Most patients are more tired than usual after surgery and you may want to take a nap or go to bed early after surgery.

Take it easy for 1 week after surgery and do not perform exercises or activities that increase your heart rate and blood pressure, as this can cause the wound to open up or bleed.

You will have a follow up appointment if suture/staple removal or wound check is needed.

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