Post-Procedure Care : Shave Biopsy

Once the procedure is completed, a dressing will be applied to the area. Please keep this in place for 24 hours and keep the area dry.

It is normal to have mild redness and swelling at the biopsy site.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water before changing your dressing
  • Remove the old dressing, and wash the biopsy site with warm water and soap (if the biopsy site in on the scalp, you may use your shampoo). Do not scrub.
  • You may use hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip to remove any crusting or old ointment
  • Rinse the site well, and pat dry with gauze or a tissue (does not have to be sterile)
  • Cover the site with an adhesive bandage (Band-Aid) or a non-stick pad and tape ᴑ Please avoid baths, hot tubs, or swimming for 7 days following your biopsy
  • Once the skin is healed, make sure to practice good sun protection with sunscreen to reduce the risk of scarring and discoloration.

Occasionally the biopsy site will bleed after your leave the clinic. If this occurs apply direct pressure to the wound for 10-20 minutes.

Call the office if:

  • You have bleeding at the biopsy site that does not stop with firm pressure for 15 minutes
  • You develop signs of infection such as significant redness, pain, swelling, and/or yellow drainage or discharge that will not go away
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