Post-Procedure Care : Warts and Molluscum

Warts and molluscum may require multiple treatments.

Post Care Instructions for Liquid Nitrogen:

  • The site(s) treated with liquid nitrogen may develop a scab or blister after treatment. DO NOT pick at the blister or scab or remove the top of the blister.
  • It is ok to bathe normally after your treatment. Gently clean the area in the shower or bath and apply Vaseline or Aquaphor to the area 1-2x daily. You do not have to keep the area covered, but certainly can if you prefer.

Post Care Instructions for Canthacur (Beetle Juice):

  • Please do not forget to rinse the area treated with soap and water 4 hours after application (or shorter/longer as instructed by your physician).
  • The site(s) treated WILL likely develop a blister after treatment (this is normal and expected!). This may be the same day or in the days following. DO NOT pick at the blister or scab or remove the top of the blister. If the blister is painful, we recommend a trial of a blister Band-Aid, which can be found in the bandage section at your local drugstore.

Post Care Instructions for Candida Antigen injection:

  • You may resume your normal activities after your injection.
  • There may be some itching or mild blistering after your procedure, this is normal. Some patients report their wart turning a black color that will crust and fall off. Very rarely, you may develop hives. If this should happen, please take an antihistamine and call our office. Some people have also rarely reported flu-like symptoms (achy, feverish, tired) which should improve. Although it is incredibly unlikely, there have been patients who have reported significant swelling and discomfort with an associated color change in the skin of the hands or fingers. If this should happen to you, please call our office immediately.

Instructions for All Patients:

If instructed, please begin on home wart therapy with THE WART STICK (can be found on Amazon) AFTER your wart feels better after your in-office treatment. Apply the wart stick to the remaining wart and cover with a Band-Aid. Leave in place for the day, remove bandage with shower or bath and gently file with nail file. Repeat daily until your follow up.

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